BSEK Karachi

BSEK Karachi was based as an educational board for secondary board in year 1950 and aim for advancement school education and improvement of education by keeping elevated standard of education in Karachi.

BSEK is an administrative education board for conduction of yearly examinations.

Until a few years before the partition, the University of Bombay controlled Secondary and Higher Education in the Province of Sindh. The University of Sindh was established in April 1947 at Karachi and later on Secondary Education was transferred to it. Then By the promulgation of the Central Legislative Act No. XVI of 1950 the control of the Secondary Education was handed over to BSEK Karachi.

BSEK Karachi

The Board was built in 1974 by the Sindh Government under the “Sindh Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education act. 20 of 1973”. Its head office is situated in Nazimabad, Karachi. The board also possesses the responsibility of sorting and controlling secondary education exams all over Karachi. The board after the exams announces an impartial, candid and transparent result on its website.

Few decades back the Board hired a team of physicians and health consultants to keep the physical and mental health of its staff team in safe hands. The Board adopts curriculum and syllabus revised by Curriculum Committee, for Secondary Education as approved by Central Government.

All general society and tuition-based schools are the subsidy of BSEK Karachi and numerous students enroll themselves for 5th, 8th ,9th and 10th class yearly examinations.

The board provides Science and Arts groups to choose from at Matriculation level. BSEK also provides support of examination for deaf people purpose being that their disability doesn’t hinder their ardor for learning.

The board provides a helpdesk on its website so that no inconvenience is passed on to the clients. The board also posts relevant downloadable forms for submission of different requests like duplicate mark sheets, admit cards, free collection challans and what not. The board is firm and resolute to provide quality education and unparalleled standards to schools and colleges falling under its jurisdiction and pave its way forward so one day we can have a well-educated, competent, knowledgeable, wise, proficient, and adept nation ahead of us.

The board also has a portal through which schools can register and submit forms for admission and applications. The Graphical Interface is user friendly and tutorials are provided for further comprehension. The board also distributes scholarships amongst its best minds.

The scholarships form two categories namely Merit Scholarships handed who those with top-notch grades and about 300 Poverty-Cum-Merit scholarships to keep the poor from discontinuation of their studies and hoist their spirits. The Merit Scholarships accounts for Deaf, General and Science students and ranges from Rs. 5,000 to 50,000.

The board also conducts Science Fairs and Sports Galas. Through these the students participate in constructive competition and apprehend the importance of sports and physical education in out quotidian life. The Competitions is held for 9th and 10th classes and for both genders.

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