BISE Rawalpindi

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi was founded in October 1977. At first this board was conjoined with the Board of Sargodha but after a great deal of time the board was ramified under the Punjab BISE Act No. XIII of 1976. Hence BISE Rawalpindi acts as an individual body.

The main reason for this furcation was to distribute the jurisdictions and to provide a convenient way for the board to performs its duties as the radar under Board of Sargodha was working was relatively large and crowded. So to overcome this both of these boards were formed.

BISE Rawalpindi

The areas that lie under the radar of BISE Rawalpindi are Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Districts of Attock and Chakwal. These four cities are under full access of BISE Rawalpindi. The basic function for BISE in the educational sector of Pakistan is to clench and direct all the examinations of classes 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, FSc, ICS, ICOM, FA, and Classical Languages.

Other subjects and examinations might be entertained by the Controlling Government or Authority of Punjab. That is dependent on the ruling of law and of course can be settled via voting. All of these examinations are carried out with high validity and hold great importance for the students appearing in them.

BISE Rawalpindi is eligible to declare the results under their own supervision and authority and also issue certificates and rewards for the high achievers. The results are announced on the official website of BISE Rawalpindi i.e.

Other than the study sector BISE is also responsible of holding and organizing sports championships and exercises to uplift the importance of physical exercise among the students. These events are quite honored and appreciated around all the cities lying under its jurisdiction and are celebrated accordingly. Students readily participate in these social events with full zest and compete with pride. The winners are awarded clear distinctions, awards and recognition. Usually high government officials are guest of honor in the awarding ceremonies.

BISE Rawalpindi has been providing quality examinations under its radar for the past four decades and with no flaws. Every year examinations are held with full protocol and criteria henceforth the results are announced with complete clarity and punctuality.

This board endeavor to direct exams and declare exams with no prejudice and partiality. So there is no doubt that BISE Rawalpindi has been providing the best examinational status to the cities under its wings. Also the sports sector is also at its best. BISE Rawalpindi sports sector is known to be the best in various games i.e. basketball and table tennis.

Other than this the distinctions it awards are also quite splendid. Students are quite hardworking in both of the sectors, earning high ranks is sports and studies side by side. Also in the past two decades the ratio of top ranking in studies has been increased by 13% and the ratio in sports distinctions has been increased by 7% this progress is admirable. Conclusively the split BISE Rawalpindi has shown noticeable growth proving that it was an intelligent step.

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