BISE Bahawalpur

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bahawalpur was established in 1977. It was once a part of Multan Board but then it was made an independent state because of the drastic increase in students and appearing candidates. Now it works as an autonomous body and deals with all districts coming under its jurisdictions. BISE Bahawalpur was established keeping one particular statement in focus that was “Bahawalpur Board’s Missions is to provide Education and Examination service to the nation.

The future of a nation depends mainly on its Educational system. Education sets the path development and helps to achieve the desire goals. Therefore, Bahawalpur Board is striving hard to take measures/steps to improve the quality of Education in the country.” After its advent Bahawalpur is keeping up to their statement and has been providing the best of their selves.

BISE Bahawalpur

There is a distinct vision that every board has kept in their point of view which is to provide quality education and top notch examinational means for students, faculty and institutes.

BISE Bahawalpur was once a part of Multan Board so all the educational sector of lower Punjab lied under the jurisdiction of BISE Multan now it has been divided into two boards. Districts which come under BISE Bahawalpur are Bahawalnagar District, Rahim Yar Khan District, and Bahawalpur District. These districts are solely and proper under the command of BISE Bahawalpur for educational sector.

BISE Bahawalpur is responsible to conduct and hold examination is these three districts for classes 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, ICOM, ICS, ICOM, FSC, and FA. Other classical languages may be included under the order of Commanding Authority of Punjab. BISE Bahawalpur is providing unbiased and impartial examinations in these districts for the last 4 decades. The campus for BISE Bahawalpur is the most advanced and well established campus comparatively to other boards. The new Campus is not only spacious enough for different branches of the Board but it also includes a magnificent Auditorium, a grand Masjid and separate buildings for Bank and post office. Moreover, there are 36 fully furnished residential quarters for staff members of the Board.

Results are announced on the official website after a few months i.e. Student can get heads up about the result by browsing through the website. Other than that students are allotted individual DMCs by their respective institutes. The head office of BISE Bahawalpur is situated in the heart of city Bahawalpur i.e. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Cheema Town Bahawalpur.

Another role BISE Bahawalpur provides is to participate in co-curricular and sports activities that are both enjoyed and appreciated. Usually the championships are held on behalf of the BISE Bahawalpur. Students are fully enthusiast in participating in all of the social activities.

Candidates who score high grade in the examination are awarded with rewards scholarships and laptops. There are proper award ceremonies that are held to promote this cause and enlighten the people of the efforts that are being rendered by BIISE Bahawalpur. Further information regarding the Bahawalpur Board can be discovered on this page.

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