BISE Aga Khan

BISE Aga Khan is basically a Federal Board set up by Aga Khan University. Referring to Federal means that this board has the authority over deciding which regions it can cover and also has command over foreign regions. This organization was established in August 2003.

Afterwards BISE Aga Khan stood its grounds and firmly dealt with the educational and examinational issue. The rise for this board was the lack of quality education in both English Medium and Urdu Medium school/colleges.

BISE Aga Khan

Aga Khan University Examination Board holds an assessment philosophy that revolves around three principles that serve as an international benchmark for high quality assessments. The aim is to ensure that the results AKU-EB announces are valid, reliable, and fair.

We accomplish this with a series of policies and processes that form the basis of quality assurance to ensure these principles are lived up to.

BISE Aga Khan is affiliated with educational council of Pakistan. Although it is a government organization but all of its income is autonomous. The area that stand under the umbrella of BISE Aga Khan is all across Pakistan and also on foreign land.

This is quite large via to cover but still Aga Khan manages and will manage in future. BISE Aga Khan 5th, 8th, SSC and HSSC examinations for both English and Urdu-medium schools. Validity is defined as the alignment of our examination material with the syllabi upon which each exam is based.

Our goal is to ensure that students are tested on the knowledge and skills they have acquired, as well as ensuring that our examinations are representative of the entirety of the syllabus.

AKU-EB offers a number of unique services that help facilitate students towards resources aimed at helping to create a rich educational experience. Learning Support Materials are supplementary services offered by AKU-EB to assist students.

These resources include past papers for all subjects, anthologies for Urdu Compulsory, Urdu Asaan and English Literature subjects, a guide for SSC I English Compulsory, resource lists and concept maps for ten subjects, and a command words guide.

Result of exams are usually announced after two to three months on the official website of the board that is This website is known to be the most advanced and well equipped website in Pakistan.

As this board deals with domestic and foreign issue also so it has to be prepared for both cases. The fairness principle ensures that grading should never be subject to personal bias, and that it should not discriminate against students on the basis of gender, geographical region or their socio-economic status.

They are currently using E-sheets and E-marking to check the papers in order to remove the human error. To maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency during the assessment and result processes, AKU-EB uses a seeding process and an exclusive e-marking software.

These processes not only maintain the anonymity of students to the e-markers, but also preserve the maximum level of transparency which empowers students to achieve what they truly deserve.

Further information regarding the Aga Khan Board can be discovered on this page.

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