About Us

ResultsUnited was started in 2019 by Noman Chaudhry with a mission to bridge gap between students and academia.

Noman understood that students have to go through alot of hurdles and obnoxious websites to find results and other academic material.

ResultsUnited is setup on a very unique technology which keeps in 24/7 in sync with board official website and whenever board announces anything students of RS are notified automatically bridging the gap which was the main purpose behind establishment of this very portal.

In the beginning our platform was very limited but four years later now we publish results, pairing scheme, date sheets, past papers, guest papers, books and thousands of study material to help students.

On average ResultsUnited receive about 1 million students from all over Pakistan every single month fulfilling all their educational needs.

If you have any question or quries you could contact us via our contact page or you could also write directly to [email protected].

You can also visit our head office at the following address:
Shahalam St, Dholanwal Nagra Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000